ParcelRun Limited

ParcelRun Limited can deliver packages around the globe. We have a vast amount of experience in worldwide logistics and have worked across all industry sectors and can deliver to almost all 260 countries in the world.

We provide both air freight and road logistics services and have an in depth knowledge of the rules and regulations for international countries.

We provide next day deliveries to most major cities in Europe using our network of air freight flights as well as other time critical services.

We work in conjunction with our clients, using our knowledge and expertise to help them meet their deadlines.

Delivery Times

Germany1 day
Israel2 days
USA2-3 days
UAE3 days
India3 days
Singapore3 days
Brazil3 days
Mexico3 days
China3 days
Australia3 days
Typical Delivery times if collected before 2pm

We can deliver your special packages all over the UK, Europe and the World, safely and on time, every time.

To ensure your package is delivered safely and quickly to your clients
anywhere in the world, contact us today.